The Mission

I like being outside and I like to construct things. If I’m going to have to spend much time in a building, I like for that building to have lots of windows and doors. I have to admit that I spent a good portion of my life not really considering how the things I’ve helped build and the energy it takes to maintain them affects our ultimate environment; which ultimate environment is outside.

I recall dreaming of huge buildings where everything could be a constant temperature year round and it would never rain. I don’t know why I ever dreamed such a dream. 

Now I dream more of earth-ships, smaller buildings that capture the suns energy for a good deal of their heat in winter and are designed to shade out the summer heat.

I realize this may seem like a futile mission, however, it would be nice, I muse, if we were more inclined to adapt to our cyclic natural habitat rather than having to stress out and work overtime to maintain a calculated temperature or humidity. I love to imagine all the stuff we could get by without that would give us so much more time to wander around in the fields and dream.

There’s that word dream again and this was supposed to be a mission. Okay, they’re not exactly synonyms I guess but close enough. Speaking of synonyms, by building beautifully robust structures that support solar panels, True South is undertaking a quest to exercise in those tasks and operations that foreseeably result in fulfilling the aforementioned dreams.