Our Story

In the beginning, a good gentleman, Mr. Harv Roehling of Oxford, retired teacher of math and grower of organic lettuce and other fine vegetables was kind enough to pay us for the opportunity to provide him with a new solar electric system on his farm. Harv wanted a 5kW PV system. A ground array was the most logical choice as the roof of his house faces East and West and his barn roof was a bit far from the main electric panel.

Harv also said that he would like to be able to adjust the array seasonally for ideal tilt. First we looked for something on the market that would accomplish that and, not finding anything, we began sketching out

ideas and consulting our engineer. 

Manually tilting (20) 40” X 65” panels on a ground mount didn’t sketch out well for us, tilting 10 – 15 panels on a single pole seemed a lot more doable.

We built the poles, had them powder coated, and installed them in March. Harv said he couldn’t be happier, and we are happy, as well as grateful, to have had the opportunity to help make his vision real.

We continue manufacturing the PoleV 2 and have since developed another model, the PoleV Trainer for Miami Jacobs University in Dayton, Ohio.


Oh, and if there is a PoleV 2 of course there must have been a PoleV 1. PoleV 1 is a 400Watt stand-alonesolar electric system that we made before the beginning. We’re look forward to turning out many more of our original models and anticipate the challenge of making custom solar modules support systems such as awnings, pergolas, or car ports.