PoleV 2.1 – Solar Module Pole Mounting System

The PoleV 2.1 holds ten to fifteen 65 X 40 inch PV panels on a single pole.  The array is made to be tilted from 20 - 60 degrees by rotating a handle at ground level.  A legend on the tilt assembly indicates the months of the year relevant to the optimal tilt angle.  Tilting the PoleV 2.1 is about as easy as looking at it, and they’re not hard to look at.  Advantages to tilting the solar PV array seasonally are increased output of electricity, 7’ clearance in summer for mowing around, and the steeper tilt in winter which dumps snow more quickly. 

The PoleV 2.1 mounting system is made to be bolted to a 30” diameter concrete foundation.  It includes everything structural from the pole to the rails plus the stainless steel module mounting hardware.  It is made of steel and powder coated.  The signature color is Roman Bronze to complement the natural color of tree bark, although we have used other colors upon request.